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The Biggest Errors/Missed Items on Tax Returns

Overlooked business deductions One of the most frequently missed opportunities on tax returns involves failing to take advantage of various business deductions. This could include deductions for home office expenses, vehicle costs, travel and entertainment expenses, or even overlooking business meals deduction. Thoroughly reviewing your client’s business activities and expenditures can uncover significant tax savings. […]

7 Warning Signs of an IRS Scam

Were You Targeted by an IRS Scam? Here’s What To Do If a tax scammer got to you, time is of the essence.  First, call your financial institutions to notify them of the fraud, and place a credit freeze with all three major credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. This prevents scammers from opening […]

10 IRS Scams You Need To Avoid This Tax Season

Scammers are out again this tax season. Learn how to spot the most common IRS scams this year and how to stay safe while filing your taxes. Do You Know How To Identify a Tax Scam? When an IRS agent called Wendy Weaver claiming that she was under criminal investigation, Wendy was rightfully suspicious. But […]


Did you end up unexpectedly owing money on your taxes this year? Statistics from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ending on March 1 indicate you’re not alone. Compared with a similar point in the tax season the previous year, there have been nearly 6 million fewer refunds. IRS records show. There is a big reason […]

President Biden Proposes 2025 Budget

President Biden has proposed a 2025 budget.  The AICPA and professional CPAs believe there is no chance of getting this through congress. It is instead a political statement of what might be, not what will be. So, why read about the proposals? Because some well-read client will ask about a provision that particularly irritates them. […]

1099 Filing – What you need to know.

Are you aware of all the 1099 filing rules? Will you be ready to file and transmit all your 1099s by 1/31/19? If you can’t answer yes to both these questions you need us now! 2019 is merely five weeks away and the first tax deadline of 2019 is merely weeks away.

TCJA Reform – How it impacts you.

Are you up to speed on the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act? What is the impact going to be on your bottom line? If you can’t answer these two questions you need me and tax planning ASAP. Remember one or two hours of tax planning can save you thousands of dollars in taxes. Remember failing […]

Small Businesses – 3 Critical questions.

Do you know that 75% small business owners can’t answer these three critical questions: 1. Do you know your current reconciled bank balance? Not the amount in your bank account, your reconciled balance or cash available? 2. Do you know who owes you money? How old are those balances? 3. Who do you owe money […]

Government Shutdown – Effect on Taxpayers.

So many people have been asking what the Government Shutdown Means for the IRS and for Taxpayers Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news: The IRS is among the government agencies affected by the government shutdown. The good news: The IRS has a contingency plan in place which addresses which services […]

Tax Season – Preparation is key.

2019 has officially begun and that means filing season is upon is. I get asked all the time how can I prepare for tax season, how do I get organized, what should I do? Well, let me tell you, it is easy. No need to stress or be overwhelmed, we are here to help. Here […]

Jocelyn Sihathep (Jo1)

Office Manager

We have a Sun Devil in the house! We are honored to add to our team, Jo. She is a graduate of Arizona State University (Fear the Fork) and is looking to broaden her knowledge and understanding of business and accounting.

She is the engine of our fine-tuned machine. Her “can do” attitude, commitment to customer service and outstanding organization skills allows us to focus on what matters most, our clients. She is amazing with technology and strives for excellence. She embraces the entrepreneurial spirit and is a great asset to our team.

Jocelyn Weatherley (Jo2)


Jo was previously an accountant for a $60M company and their 13 subsidiaries. She is in charge of our accounting and bookkeeping department and serves our clients on their time schedule. Whether it is weekly, monthly or quarterly she helps provide reliable, useful and accurate information to our clients on their terms.

Jo performs full accrual accounting and is responsible for reconciling all accounts, journal entries, month end closing procedures and preparation of internal financial statements and analytics. She also assists in the preparation of sales and payroll tax returns. She holds a wide range of knowledge, from QuickBooks to travel (she spent most of her life in the UK), she’s your girl. She is excited to join the CCA team and ready to conquer tax season head on!

Dixie Cary

CPA and Tax Manager

Dixie is a Minnesota CPA and experienced accountant. She has over 25 years of accounting in both audit and tax, but her passion is tax. After years in the cold, she decided to leave the mid west and find a new home in Sunny Arizona. We are so happy that Dixie has joined our team.

Dixie leads and manages our entire tax department. She assists and leads a team through our busiest times while delivering quality, complete and accurate tax services for our clients. She is proficient in preparation, planning, and education of federal and state income taxes for individuals, businesses, estates, trusts, and exempt organizations.

Theresa Elaine Valade

CPA and Managing Partner
Theresa has over 27 years of experience in tax, audit and consulting. She was with the International CPA Firm of Arthur Anderson in Phoenix and San Francisco. She most recently was a partner with Moffitt & Company, P.C. Her areas of specialization are business consulting and advisory, audits, income tax planning and preparation, and IRS audit representation. Her industries of specialization are nonprofits, real estate, hospitality, franchises, mortgage banking and brokering, title insurance, escrow, health, and beauty.
One of Theresa’s biggest honors is being named the 2020 CPA firm of the year for her commitment and service to her clients during the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Putting passion and personalization at the forefront Theresa has led her firm to excellence by not only providing measurable results for clients but making them feel well taken care of during times of great uncertainty.
Theresa is also a member of the prestigious, Arizona Society of CPAs, ASCPA, 100% Membership Club. It is an honor to be part of this club that exhibit’s a high level of commitment to the Arizona Society of CPAs. We are privileged to be able to convey to our clients, staff, and colleagues of Theresa’s significant commitment to the CPA profession.